Practice Glasses for excellent shooting

The Practice Glasses for excellent shooting are an innovative training tool for basketball shooting. It consists of special occlusion glasses that can be made opaque or transparent during shot training.
The glasses are initially closed, blocking vision on the basket, to only open halfway during the jumpshot providing late vision on the rim simulating actual shooting in games.

How it works

Jump-sensor mode
The player can close the glasses himself by pushing a button on the control unit when he has the basketball in his hands. Then the player will make one or two steps and land to pull-up for the shot.
During the landing the feet interrupt the optical switch system positioned on the floor. The interruption of the beams triggers the glasses to re-open again so that the player has clear view of the rim during the final moments of the shot.
With the delay switch opening of the glasses can be fine-tuned to the precise shooting technique of the player. In this mode players can train by themselves without assistance of another person.

Coach training mode
The coach uses a remote control to close and open the glasses. This allows super flexible control over the glasses. Whether to let a new player get used to the glasses or to push an experienced player to his limits: it’s all possible.

The Glasses

The Practice Glasses for excellent shooting is an automated perceptual training device to train the basketball shot in such a way that players can only see the rim during the final instance of their shot. Scientific research has shown that such training can lead to significant increases in shot percentage.

Introduction video of the Practice Glasses

The Practice Glasses for excellent shooting Team

Raôul Oudejans

INVENTOR, scientist and shot trainer
Inventor, scientist and shot trainer Raôul Oudejans is practical and scientific expert on training the basketball shot and the inventor of the basketball practice…

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Mark Schuurman

Chief Operations Officer
Former sports director of the Netherlands Basketball Federation with an enormous passion for basketball and high performance sports and…

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Remy de Wit

Former Dutch National team coach
Remy de Wit has been involved in the development of the Basketball Shooting Glasses from the start. Together with Raôul Oudejans he embraced and…

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M. v/d Toorn

Chief Technical Officer – CTO
Technology addicted on many fields and having a founded opinion in most related discussions, he always is looking for the best and optimal solutions….

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