The Practice Glasses for excellent shooting

The excellent jump shot is a difficult skill that is hard to master. Even top players field-goal percentages have room for improvement.

Using these Practice Glasses for basketball shooting every player can practice and improve their shooting performance in a unique way. Scientifficaly proven studies have shown average improvement of 10%!

Scientific support
One of the aspects shown is that a player only has to look at the rim for accurate shooting during the final instances just before ball release, which is about 300-500 milliseconds.

These Practice Glasses have been developed together with the VU University in Amsterdam and the best female players in the Netherlands. A period of several years of experience have provided scientific evidence that, with the support of these Practice Glasses, players can improve their shot up with multiple percent!
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The best jumpshot

How does it work?

These practice glasses are used to practice visual control in the basketball shooting. The glasses will manipulate vision of players while they are preparing to finish the jump shot and release the ball.

While practicing the jump shot the glasses are only open during the final instances of each shot, forcing the players to optimally and quickly use the visible information available. They learn to pick up the information about the distance to the rim and control your shot.


These Practice Glasses are normally transparent (open), ensuring full sight. When ready for an exercise the glasses are switched to opaque (closed). This switch is done by remote control of the coach, or through stepping in the area where the optical light switch system operates.
This will trigger the glasses to open just prior to finishing the jump shot.

Finally the jump shot is executed and the glasses will switch to transparent again, the shooter will aim at the rim at the final instances and develops a higher field-goal percentage..

The unique structure of the glasses will pass almost all light, but scatters it to a milky white image. Nothing can be seen, but the eye receives the same amount of light (lux). So no switching between dark and light: always the same brightness!

The system

System components

These Practice Glasses is a complete system for individual or coach supported practice. The following components are supplied:

  • The Glasses – these are the main part of the system and gives the well timed obstructed view experience.
  • The control unit – build into the glasses, this part switches the glasses and communicates with the other system components.
  • Remote control – a small unit which fits easily into your hand. It gives the coach full control over the glasses on a player. But using the key-ring, an individual player can clip it to his trousers for easy switching.
  • Jump sensor – possibly the most important part of the system, this infrared contactless sensor detects the start of the jump shot and switches the glasses at the right moment. The delay of the switch is adjustable between 0 and 0,5 seconds within 10 equal steps. This gives even the most experienced player the possibility to improve his jump shot to the max.

The sensor bars are fully wireless, sunlight resistant and are easily deployed on any flat surface with the bars up to 3.5 feet (1 meter) apart.